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    DIY CNC Stalling Issues

    I have an Openbuilds Cbeam XLarge and I am having issues with one axis stalling. I am using a CNC xPRO Controller V3 and I am not certain if it is a compatibility issue or user error (probably the latter). I have HT23-280-8 1.8DEG NEMA 23 steppers on my X and Z axis and they are operating great. I then have two KL23H76-30-4AM 0.9DEG NEMA 23 steppers on my Y axis. My issue is that when dry running my CNC I am able to get decent acceleration rates with my X and Y (75+ mm/sec^2) axis and I am barely able to get my Y axis to exceed 15 mm/sec^2 without stalling. My system is being ran at 15VDC and my current potentiometers are turned all the way up (I have tried several different currents). All of the axis have roughly the same preload and the lead screws are adjusted to be the same. Am I not suppose to use 0.9DEG steppers on this driver? The driver supports up to a 24VDC power supply, maybe the NEMA 23's would run better with a higher voltage? I had the steppers and power supply left over from other projects, so that is why they are mix-matched. I am really at a standstill here, any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

    Link to the HT23-280-8 1.8DEG NEMA 23 Data-sheet

    Link to the KL23H76-30-4AM 0.9DEG NEMA 23 Date-sheet

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    Re: DIY CNC Stalling Issues

    upping the volts should help - and separate power supply for those two motors

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