Hi all,
I bought a Cincinnati Milacron Avenger 200C lathe, with (strange) part cather option, but without any manuals... It have some trouble...
1. On booting all tests are passed and "Host control initialize" is flashing. After a few turn off, or reset the machine is wake up.
2. When the machine is wake up, there have 2 fault message: W-AXIS circuit fault, Alarm number 00453. When i push the alert reset/data reset, after Alert number is: 19099.

My questions:
1. Where can i get manuals?
2. How can i solve that problems?

The controller is Acramatic 850SX, the servos are Siemens 6SN611.
I did change the drives and motors already and the fault message is same.

Thank You and sorry for my poor english.