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    For sale - Coherent K-300 (complete system)

    Not sure if this is even allowed but i figured maybe someone here may have some interest in this unit. If your viewing this with any interest chances are you are familiar with the Coherent K series lasers and just how powerful they are as well as the longevity they offer and not to mention the low priced service that can be performed. I purchased a pair of these laser system to use on a Beam dynamics laser I also acquired and although I would really like to hold on to both units I am running out of room in my tiny shop and honestly there is no need for having more than one beast of a laser like this. This laser has incredible beam quality, Ultra fast pulse ability and huge amounts of power well above the rated power. Although Coherent will not service these lasers any longer, there are a few highly reputable service centers that will perform a full service which is very Conservative in price compared to other make RF lasers. BTW, the laser head cover is removed in the picture but will be included. The Laser was manufactured in April 2004. If the unit sells somewhat locally I will include a chiller which should be sufficient in size or this laser. It is a HUGE 3 phase unit (specs I do not have on hand) I guess even if the unit was sold long distance I would be willing to palatalize the chiller as well for freight along with the laser package.

    This package includes:
    K-300 Performance Head
    K-300 RF amplifier
    K Series Controller and diagnostics display
    48v power supply 240v Input

    The basic info on this unit can be seen here. http://lasertrack.ru/Downloads/Diamond_K300_DS.pdf

    The video of the laser firing can be seen here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLK1EJ0HKbs

    I understand this is a huge investment ( I really understand as I purchased two of them) and i suspect there will be many questions so if you have interest in this unit feel free to contact me directly. The laser system is located in Albany, GA area which is about 3 hours south of Atlanta, GA. If the system is sold to someone non local, I will be glad to build custom crates for the Laser head and the power unit both of which will weight over 100lbs. I will also assist in getting the crates picked up or transported to the local freight carrier.

    Asking $11,000 for the complete system (before you consider this being outrageous, think of what it would cost to get 300 true watts with huge amount of headroom with up to 800 watts peak in a small package that can be power with single 240v circuit. This is one bad boy system that will last for a decade if not longer unlike most all of the other RF tubes available. I have been running a ULS laser sense 2002 and I have had to had my tubes serviced about every 4-5 years at $1500 a pop so longevity is a huge plus with coherent. Do your research and you will see that this is actual a fantastic deal for such a setup.


    You can contact me at Gmhall222@gmail.com or 229-328-5288

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    Re: For sale - Coherent K-300 (complete system)

    Trying to make room for another project. I am going to lower this price on this system to $8500. I am not sure if you know anything about these lasers but if your tired of the crappy Chinese glass tubes why not do some research and see that this is one heck of a deal on this system. These lasers are rated constant working power of 300 watts with a max output of almost 800 watts. The laser is priced well under half of what you would find even a K250 system and that price includes proper crating for freight shipping. The laser head weighs about 80lbs and the RF power supply unit weighs about 80lbs as well (RF amp, dual 48v power supplies and diagnostics displace all in one unit)

    Here is a link to the specs of this laser. The unit I have is the performance package head not the basic OEM head. http://lasertrack.ru/Downloads/Diamond_K300_DS.pdf

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