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    PathPilot 2.2.2 Pulsar

    I have been using PathPilot 2.0.0 since Brian Posted his files back in December '17 without any issues. Today, I decided to connect the internet to the mill to save running around with the usb drive. Well if you run PathPilot you know you activate the internet in the status tab. There is also a big <<UPDATE>> button right there. So I decided to update to v2.2.2. Copied all the required files to their respective locations and now PathPilot errors out. I poked around for a while but never did figure it out. I reverted back to v2.0.0 and all is fine again.

    Just wondering if any of you running PathPilot 2.x have run into this? Which updates have you applied with without issues?


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    Re: PathPilot 2.2.2 Pulsar

    So I went and installed PathPilot's 2.x updates incrementally and found you can safely update to version 2.1.5. PP v2.1.6 is where the the problem starts.So I will stick to version 2.1.5 until I have a chance to review the log file. PP v2.1.6 added support for the door lock switch which might be causing the problem.


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