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    Drawing with a CNC

    Hey guys ! im new here so hope im posting right..
    so its a around 1 year now I am busy with making my cnc draw, very fun and challenging path to go trough !

    happy to share some results with you !
    using the MPCNC
    All works including the color ones are done by pen on paper only. and lots of time

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    Re: Drawing with a CNC

    Hi OmriBig,

    I know this post is old, but I just stumbled on it and hope you can answer a few questions. The drawings are extremely cool.

    What software did you use?

    Did you have any feedback mechanism? For example, did you use a camera to look at the drawing as it progressed and add more lines where they were needed? Or were the movements pre-determined?

    How long does it take to draw?

    How is the MPCNC design working for you? I have a friend that is interested in building one.


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    Re: Drawing with a CNC

    The youtube comments include some limited information from Op.
    Anyone who says "It only goes together one way" has no imagination.

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