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IndustryArena Forum > SignMaking > General Signmaking Topics > How to create a first CAD drawing?
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    How to create a first CAD drawing?

    Hi! I'm pretty much new to all this, the only thing I know is that there are dozens of CAD programs with which I can create a drawing, and that their costs vary from free to many thousands of dollars, based on what I don't really know. I also know that a new drawing in most CAD programs is based on a template. I want to use an A-size template. How do I start the drawing of my sample?

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    Re: How to create a first CAD drawing?

    That depends on what software you are using.

    UCCNC 2017 Screenset

    Mach3 2010 Screenset

    JointCAM - CNC Dovetails & Box Joints

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