Good day. I'm new on this forum and this is my first post. I have one aluminum cnc but its not so rigid as i need, so i start to learn how to made more rigid frame for cnc.
i was choosing between cast iron and epoxy granite, and choose EG because: 1 damping properties; 2 i can made it by myself. So i start to read themes and articles about EG about fillers and resin, start making test mixes and after about 2 month was born first 2 parts of my new mill.
as filler i was use quartzite and gravel and quartz sand 0.1 to 5mm (0.1-0.3 600 grams; 1-3 2000 grams; 3-5 - 2400 grams for 900 grams of epoxy). so what can i say - it was easy - i made mold with steel cores, mix and fill this mold) after curing and aftercuring all was milled grinded and assembled. I am really satisfied with result. and of course - some photos and videos attached. And sorry about my terrible English.