I am having some very frustrating problems with my BrotherHS-50A wire EDM machine. My old machine had the same problem which was why I boughta “new” machine which however turned out to have the same problems after a month inuse.
The error code shown on the screen is 8137 (broken wire 2)or 8050 (Trimming Error) however the wire is not broken. Sometimes I can see the powerbrake operating very unsmooth rather than going in a smooth motion. The wiredrive unit is rotating very smooth so I don’t believe the problem is here. Ihave tried to go through all the wire wheels and they seem to be fine androtating without friction. I have tried to change the powder brake but thisdoes not help. I have tried to clean everything I could see might have an influencebut this did not help either.

It is very frustrating not to be able to use the machine soif anybody has any kind of advice or idea to what might be the problem I wouldbe very thankful.