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Thread: New here

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    New here

    Hello,I'm a retired Corian fabricator that just could not let go of his CNC Router. I sometimes have the opportunity to do some 2D cutting for people but now want to advance to some 3D work. I've downloaded the trail version of Vetric V Carve Pro.

    I could not make heads or tails of the operation. Looking to find out if any of the forum members know where classes can be attended to get a faster learning curve.

    I've contacted Vetric for this info but also wanted to try any alternatives to obtain this info.

    I'm located in the very southern part of NJ, USA

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: New here

    1) Join the Vectric forum, and ask questions.

    2) Watch all of their tutorial videos.

    3) These guys were doing seminars and training around the country, but don't have any scheduled right now. Maintenance mode

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