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    meshcam compatability

    Hi All,
    I'm currently using a trial version of meshcam and wondered if anyone else had results ?

    I have tested a few variations and found the file for "usbcnc - mm " seems to run through its program ok (it errors at the start after switching on the spindle motor) but you can "play" past that error.
    the problem comes once you add in a second tool. the program can pause but it will not switch off the spindle motor (so you cant change the tools).

    any ideas ?

    I will also contact the meshcam guys to see if they have any ideas

    disclaimer : I have no knowledge of milling machines or its relevant software. I can Cad (rhino) and have printing (upmini and B9Creator) machines but this is my first forays into milling.

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    Re: meshcam compatability

    for anyone following this thread - ive gotten a (admittably messy) workaround for changing a tool half way through with meshcam using notepad to modify the gcode.
    If anyone wants some info just shout out.
    pls reread my above post regarding my lack of milling experience first though

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    Re: meshcam compatability

    This would normally be configured in the "post" script of the CAM package for the particular machine. I haven't used MeshCAM but most CAM packages come with various sample "post" scripts for different brand machines/CNC controllers.
    For grbl you generally need one that is pretty simple, but you can potenially change some things to control things like tool change.
    I've got customised "posts" in Fusion 360 for my various machines (Mach3 & grbl) to save me having to remember to manually edit the g-code to remove one or two lines that caused problems for me.


    PS where in Australia are you? I'm in Sydney, near the northern metro border

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