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Thread: Z axis cable

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    Z axis cable

    I just purchased a used TM2 table and am wondering if I can extend the Z axis cable with a normal DB9 cable or does it have to be a null modem DB9? My plan was to buy a new extension cable and connect it to the existing one. The table has a AVHC on it and the connection at the motor isnt a typical DB9 connection.

    Any help would be great.

    Thanks Guys.

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    Re: Z axis cable


    I have the same setup. Two of the wires in the cable are for the lifter power so they need to be beefy for it to work well. If you can build your own cable using 20ga or larger (smaller number) wires. The stock cable is at the long end end of what will work with 22ga wire. The control box end is a stock 9 pin DB connector.


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