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    cncrouterparts pro4896 UK Import

    I am keen to hear from anyone else who has imported from cncrouterparts to the UK. I have my sights on a pro4896, and it would be great if there were others out there who taken this journey.

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    Re: cncrouterparts pro4896 UK Import

    Interested in doing exactly the same thing. I know there’s a chap down in Brighton, and a guy up in Scotland who’s done it but haven’t managed to reach either of them to get their feedback. Hear nothing but good things about cncrouterparts but would also like some first hand details.
    ‘I think shipping would be in the order of $700-$1000, plus VAT, duty and obviously the cost of the machine.
    ‘I’m down in Kent. DM me if you’d like to chat. Cheers

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    Re: cncrouterparts pro4896 UK Import

    I have also been thinking about importing one to Denmark to start a small business but I have no experience in buying or importing machinery and I am worried CE certification is going to be an issue. Do you have insights about this or is this not an issue for UK import? Best, Emil

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