Just thought I would give a review and update on the EZ DM3000 Retrofit Box by Turbina, a member her eon CNC ZONE. He started a post back in November of 2016 about a retro fit box he was building from ground up that would allow a DM3000 lathe to operate with Mach 3 with just a plug N play of the factory cable from the skip controller into his retro box. In fact you can actually switch quickly and easily back and forth between the ski controller and or the retro box just by unplugging from one and plugging into the other. The DM3000 works just fine.

the box was ordered and cost $300 USD which included shipping from Rome Italy. It took about 4 weeks to receive. It came with the RS232 cable that plugs into the EZ DM3000 Retrofit Box and a Mach 3 equipped computer. Installation instructions are provided with a few setup files that are needed to be placed into a folder within Mach 3...real simple and fast. Once I did that i set the port address for the comm port inside Mach 3 and it was alive!

I was simply amazed at the ease of operation and how quick this went! I have had the DM3000 lathe for a little over 3 years and mine was all orginal with factory hardware and i didnt want to retro fit it like others by ripping out all the good electronics. SO i let it sit hoping i could find a way to bring modern technology into it. During this 3 years there have been alot of guys trying to do what the EZ DM3000 Retrofit Box does but it always ended in not so much good success. As a last hope I contacted Bobcad and was able to buy V21 with a DM3000 processor ...how ever that was just as hard to figure out as the Skip controller and DM3000 programming language.

I can say i am now using the EZ DM3000 Retrofit Box with the FACTORY electronics of the DM3000 along with MACH 3 and everything is fantastic! The data file provided by Turbina allows controlling of all part of the DM3000 including coolant on and off. His settings were spot on and his support is the best I have ever had...he worked with me to fine tune all the motors perfectly....which were very very close to begin with with in Mach 3.

Many have said it couldn't be done..but this guy DID IT! and mine proves it along with his. I strongly recommend anyone that has a DM3000 that has all functions working through the Skip Controller to consider buying his EZ DM3000 Retrofit Box BEFORE ripping out wires or parts!.

Much thanks to Turbina for creating this and providing support!