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    Best Cutter for this job??

    Good Morning guys and gals,

    Im looking for some experience on this part in the picture on what the best cutter for this application would be,

    Bit of back ground....

    I Have an XYZ 1000LR 6 months old,

    The hole metal workings is still very new to me even after 6 months of tool making.

    This part is the deepest cavity tool i have ever done, So I am looking to be pointed in the right direction for a cutter to cut this depth. The shut off to the lowest point is just shy of 80mm.

    My standard cutting depths per pass i run on the alloy this will be machined from are 5mm stepdowns.

    I should also mention that I will need a roughing and finish tool.

    Any Info is greatly received

    Kindest Regards Tom

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    Re: Best Cutter for this job??

    The key to cutting molds like this is to find a tool that's long enough to reach the bottom of the cavity at the deepest part, that's narrow enough to give you vertical corners that have no more than the required radius. The horizontally-oriented corners aren't as big a problem, since you can program extra operations with long tools that have thick shanks but small tips (the shanks might fend you off the corners, requiring some hand work to touch them up). Sometimes it's impossible to find a tool that's long enough and skinny enough to do your finish passes. If you can't increase the corner radii, then the usual alternative is to carve a piece of graphite to the positive form (so those problematic corners are easy to make sharp), and use that to burn the cavity with a sinker EDM machine.
    Andrew Werby

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    Re: Best Cutter for this job??

    i would ruff it out with ball tipped cutter probably just go down to 10mm dia cutters ,make a copper electrode and spark it out, cnc sparker will do that nice and quick, with big spark gap and large orbit then send in a finish electrode

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    Hello, maybe you could see and try the laser cutter of China Perfect Laser,their delivery was done on time and the metal laser cutter was well made with a high-grade appearance. The machines, the technology, the quality all are really good, and the technicians who come to the door are very passionate and ambitious, all in all, they are professional indeed,I think maybe they can give some advises to you.

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