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    Is fiber laser cutting machine hard to operate?

    fiber laser cutting machine has become an indispensable processing equipment in the modern sheet metal industry. With the upgrading of the industry, the improvement of processing requirements not only has a very high efficiency, but also achieves the ultimate in the optimization of operation. , Many customers in the consultation of metal laser cutting equipment, the price of fiber laser cutting machine and operating problems are the most. Most people will think that laser equipment is a high-tech product, is it necessary to operate particularly high? The following PerfectLaser to answer everyone.

    Fiber laser cutting machines generally belong to special CNC machine tools. Generally speaking, the requirements for operators are not very high. It is only necessary to find a person who can make mechanical drawings and operators, and the mechanical drafting personnel will input the drawings into the computer control. At the station, the operator then feeds the board to the machine and starts up the button to finish machining.

    Some customers may also ask, there are too many buttons on the console of the fiber laser cutting machine, do not know their purpose and operation method. In fact, this does not have to worry too much, the general laser equipment manufacturers will agree with the customer after the sale agreement The customer's staff performs a free training for about a week until the staff learns.

    Therefore, the operation of the fiber laser cutting machine is not as difficult as the customer thinks. Normal junior high school education workers are only capable of performing simple training.

    More videos for the fiber laser cutting machine working

    500w for carbon steel https://youtu.be/2iPBN0R5WUI
    500w for 3mm stainless steel https://youtu.be/9VPF1jJ4bSs
    Fiber Laser Pipes cutting: https://youtu.be/sGoaUh_g6SM
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