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IndustryArena Forum > CAM Software > Rhinocam > Donek Drag Knife/ gcode Swivel Program???
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    Cool Donek Drag Knife/ gcode Swivel Program???

    So I'm familiar with RhinoCAM and creating basic flat mill tools but nothing like this. I want to create a tool for the Donek Drag knife. They have a gcode swivel program for the knife, how do I incorporate that and make a tool for this knife on Rhinocam. I have the "Donek D2 Knife" and I'm using Rhino 5. Ill attach the gcode program that Donek provides. If anyone can help me out on getting this to work I would very much appreciate it. Thank you!

    Heres their website where the gcode Swivel program is: http://donektools.com/free-cnc-router-software/links-2/

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    Re: Donek Drag Knife/ gcode Swivel Program???

    If I remember right, you create the toolpath in RC like normal, then open it in the swivel program and it automatically adds the swivels to the corners where needed. I tried it a while ago and was impressed. I cut gaskets and am not concerned about perfect square corners so don't use the swivel program. I just program an engraving tool path with RhinoCam, no lead ins or outs, and edit it in notepad to remove the M3/5's etc. works great.

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