Hi guys,

ZW3D 2019 beta is ready. Lots of improvements in this new version.


1. Efficiency Promotion
The efficiency of picking, display, calculation, the response is highly improved. The benefit is obvious, particularly in complex shapes and large assembly. Below is a typical example done with Copy command. The result of copy has 4480 shapes and 98560 faces.

2. User Defined Feature
ZW3D 2019 enables users to reuse their own features. You can find the User Define Features in the new file browser. Also, you can check the video on Youtube:

3. 3D BOM
ZW3D 2019 enables users to easily manage assembly components’attribute on 3D assembly level.
Support both components and shapes
Manage attributes easily
Customized BOM template
Preset attributes value
Exporting Excel with the template
Link with 2D BOM

4. Flexible Sub-Assembly
Sub-assembly can be turned into a flexible one, all the individual components can move within the constraints.