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    Viper 200 issue

    I have a few issues with my viper drives they are running SEM 30U4-42 motors. The drives will trip (8 flashes) after I release the jog button. I now have them set to 100 in. min. and the accel set to 40 in. sec in Mach 3. with the jog set to 30% it will trip when I release the jog button.
    In viper tune I have had KP 500 and KD 1000 to now KP 150 and KD 300 it will still trip when the jog button is released. Any idea on how to resolve this? I don't think 30 in/min jog is so aggressive it should be tripping the drive so something is not set right or there is some other issue.
    Can someone give me a close PID settings for these motors? Also the three jumpers on the drive how should they be set? It seems the drives loose there settings to at times. So as you can see I don't know what I am doing when it comes to setting the drives.

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    Re: Viper 200 issue

    I just posted a tuning video.
    What are the motor ratings. contin stall current and what PS voltage are you running ?
    Also what frame size is the motor. ?

    The jumpers on the V200H are just for step multiplier ( same as the V200F) there are no bank jumpers an only a default bank.

    Larry K
    Manufacturer of CNC routers and Viper Servo Drives
    www.LarkenCNC.com and www.Viperservo.com

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