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    Thinking about switching to Planet CNC

    I'm currently using MACH 3 and am wondering what I need to do to run my programs in Planet CNC? I use a MACH 3 post processor is why I ask so do I need to change the file extension and the g code of the programs for them to be compatible? Or is there a post processor available from Plane CNC ?

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    Re: Thinking about switching to Planet CNC

    That would depend on what CAM software you are using.

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    Re: Thinking about switching to Planet CNC

    For Vectric software as well as Deskproto I use the most generic g-code postsprocessors, e.g. for Aspire the gcodearcs-mm. But many others will work as well. Planet-CNC is not that picky about it. You can use the Shark postprocessor as well.
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    Re: Thinking about switching to Planet CNC

    Ok thanks for the input..

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