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    computer requirements

    I am looking at upgrading the pc to handle the tool pathing better and quicker . I currently have a i5 3.4 ghz 8gb 64bit windows 7 with no video card , it is way too slow if I make the tolerance in madcam at 0.001mm .

    I think part of the problem is the step over sizes I use to get the finish needed .... usually in the range of 0.02mm step over with a 0.1mm cutter and up to 3 million lines of code

    any suggestions?


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    Re: computer requirements

    I would suggest writing RhinoScripts to automate your madCAM toolpath generation.

    I also have very long finishing passes but I've automated the whole madCAM process including saving the g-code file when madCAM is finished. My files typically take 40 minutes or longer to finish but they run unattended.

    I learned about scripting madCAM from this video:

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    Re: computer requirements

    Buy an i7 processor and buy that video card. It will make a good difference.
    My initial thought though, is why do you generate paths with 0.001 tolerance and 0,02 steps? Do you create nano tube molds?!

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