During the time I bought the machine they told me that the inverter was only replaced by the Unidrive SP 2402 with a module card SN application. I also think that a physical connection has been made with this Unidrive via the serial port. (cable and connection to see on the photos). This has always worked well until last week I reported the error message

Error 395: the inverter has not received the command sent to it; try again.

Error 396: dialogue protocol with the inverter failed.

the inverter showed that he did not find a module and therefore could not send out communication.

After several contacts with unidrive (Nidec Belgium) they think there is the exit of slot 3 on the undidrive piece and we have moved on and have the module plugged into slot two. Now the inverter no longer gives an error message and is always ready. So problem solved with the unidrive. Only now do they think there because we plugged the module into slot 2 that the inverter can no longer communicate with the xnc.

What does the machine do because I have not told you yet.

I read and start a program and the machine goes to its position, it switches from a milling machine (if necessary) and it goes down but does not start milling (error 395, 396). This is also the way I want to start drilling.

According to Unidrive (Nidec), there is a number of information on the module that will regulate the speed of the engine and tell you which engine (milling motor-drill motor) should start running and how fast. If Unidrive could have the Bin files, it could also create a new module card.