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    ATC spindle damaged gripper repair


    A while ago I bought a used ATC spindle. I didnt needed it immediately so I put it at the rest of the parts, waiting till the moment I could use it for something. At the moment I wanted to try it I noticed that the four finger/petal/gripper was damaged and was having only three fingers left. The runout from the ISO20 holder was way too much, like 0,2mm.

    It seems the gripper is just screwed on the draw bar. Unfortunately it also seems it is not an easy fix.

    Gripper url: https://nl.aliexpress.com/item/ISO20...6167883b73d-27

    This is the spindle: GDL80-20-24Z/2.2

    I also found this thread: https://www.cnczone.com/forums/omni-...24z-2-2-a.html

    Unfortunately CNCzone didnt allowed me to post anything overthere.

    Is there somebody who can tell me more about repairing this spindle?

    Already thanks!

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    Re: ATC spindle damaged gripper repair

    Or is somebody having some drawings from this spindle maybe?

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