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    Toyoda FH63 Fanuc 16i


    We have a Toyoda FH63 with a Fanuc 16i. If I turn my B-axis it seems it turns random. Is there a possibility that I can choose if it turns clockwise or counter-clockwise?


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    Re: Toyoda FH63 Fanuc 16i

    An overrun and a positioning direction are set by the parameter (No.
    5440). Even when a commanded positioning direction coincides with
    that set by the parameter, the tool stops once before the end point.
    G60, which is an one–shot G–code, can be used as a modal G–code in
    group 01 by setting 1 to the parameter (No. 5431 bit 0 MDL).
    This setting can eliminate specifying a G60 command for every block.
    Other specifications are the same as those for an one–shot G60 command.
    When an one–shot G code is sepcified in the single direction positioning
    mode, the one–shot G command is effective like G codes in group 01.

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