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    Mach3 + ShuttleXpress = odd jog + no keyboard

    I'm running a CNCrouterparts router, with Mach3+ESS -and- ShuttleExpress jog dial. Windows 10.

    All was well for several months, until today, when I have this combination of oddities:
    - No movement response to usual keyboard keys: RightArrow, LeftArrow, UpArrow, PageUp, PageDn
    - ShuttleXpress axis-buttons and outer ring work fine, but inner (step-move) circle produces an unwelcome (and large, like .25") movement.

    Very strange, and cost me a carbide end mill. (sad.) Has anyone else experienced this? Should I be asking somewhere else?

    Thx for any guidance.

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    Re: Mach3 + ShuttleXpress = odd jog + no keyboard

    Go back and reload an older XML file from before the trouble started seems to work for me. Glitches happen and when all else fails you can always reinstall everything.

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