Holy crap that was an adventure but I finally got everything working and I don't even have to use the manual workaround that JT suggested. I did some more digging and found a plugin called turn diagnostics within Mach3 and I enabled it. When it got to the G76 canned cycle in the code the turn diagnostics told me #INF for all the variables. I googled this and found a few posts on the mach3 forums about this and do some more extensive digging on the forum and found a post stating that Mach3 wouldn't thread in demo mode so I checked and sure enough I hadn't copied over the license key to my new PC. I loaded up the license key and put everything back into Mach3 control mode and turned all 3 spindle functions (speed averagin, PID control, and feedback) ON and re-ran the program. Sure enough it started threading so I loaded up some stock, turned it down, swapped to my carbide threading tool and hit go. I need to tweak the passes as some of the passes it made were rather deep and probably too much for the machine to handle as the stock was flexing under load but it turned a M14x1.5 thread no problem.

I do find it kind of crazy the lack of support knowledge about these machines. It seemed like every time I called for tech support the answer was they would have to do some research to figure it out. Now that I know what the problem was this seems like it should have been shouting out what was wrong given all the details I had provided. Maybe not though, they claim the machines are all made different over in China so maybe a lack of communication between the manufacturer and the seller leads to a lack of troubleshooting knowledge.