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    Red face Fidia K211 5-axis CNC, Tramming head ??'s

    Wondering if anyone has ever had to adjust the axis that the spindle rotates on, the pitch axis I believe. I can change the 'home' position of the axis to make the spindle straight up and down inline with that axis, but on the side (90 degrees) it is off by almost .001" over a 6" test mandrel. It is something that must be adjusted physically, can't be comped. There must be somewhere that they shim it or something? It's like the bearing on the left side of the pitch axis needs to come up a smidge, or vice versa.

    I'm hoping there is some Fidia master out there that can help me shed some light on this. I am eventually going to get into aligning the spindle for RTCP, but I would like to make the machine as straight and true as I can FIRST before I start that process. Thank you for your time!


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    Re: Fidia K211 5-axis CNC, Tramming head ??'s

    I know nothing of Fidia machines,but I have experience with tramming 5 axis routers and there were shims in all sorts of places.Be aware that shimming is just a small part of things and that the pivot of the fourth and fifth axes will need to remain coincident in plan view,which a shim on one side won't achieve.You also risk moving the fourth axis out of parallel with the bed of the machine.You may need to get a service tech to do the job and calibrate the machine for a high accuracy outcome.

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