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IndustryArena Forum > Machine Controllers Software and Solutions > Mach Software (ArtSoft software) > Mach 4 > M4 Lathe Turn Cycle with Threading (Prog hangs at end)
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    Oct 2003

    Question M4 Lathe Turn Cycle with Threading (Prog hangs at end)

    Has anybody else had this happen with Mach4 Lathe Cycles?

    Dell Desktop
    CPU 650@3.2 Ghz
    8 Gb ram
    64 bit
    Windows 10 Pro, Ver1803
    Mach4 Hobby, Licensed

    PMDX 416
    Gecko 540
    Turn Cycles

    Program runs the OD Cycle, Tool 1010
    then runs the Threading Cycle, Tool 1111
    it finishes the physical threading OK.....
    then near the end of the program just hangs there..... line with M09.....
    It kicks out the Cycle Start/ GCode Button..... Greyed out... (Not sure but I think that is greyed out on any time the Cycle start Button is pressed?)

    So I have to hit Disable Button n re-Enable Button n then hit Cycle Start n It will finish / Rewind Program back to beginning.

    But if I do not post thread cycle but just turn cycle it will finish n rewind as it should at M30

    Uploaded some files if you want test em n let me know if it works for you?

    ThankX MM

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    Re: M4 Lathe Turn Cycle with Threading (Prog hangs at end)

    Ah ... M09 says 'turn off air and flood coolant'.
    Vague thought - a misconfigured pin?


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    Re: M4 Lathe Turn Cycle with Threading (Prog hangs at end)

    I have been trying different settings in the lathe cycle for threading.
    I'm not sure if this is a bug or some setting that just does not want to work.
    If I change the Xc ( X Clearance ) from .010" (this will work thru COMPLETE) to .100" the program just hangs near the end n won"t complete the cycle?

    I've attached the 2 files for comparison. I did not run either of these thru M4 simulation but ran my lathe using these.

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