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    Help with Gildemeister/siemens

    Good afternoon,

    Recently, we acquired a second hand Gildemeister TWIN 65 machine from France. We had DMG check the machine out on site in France and their report came back all good.
    Unfortunately, no-one at our firm has any idea how to get this thing to play, and neither do any of the engineers we have had to look at it.
    We can get it switched on and referenced but the alarms ask for the turrets to be positioned, which i cant do.

    The system is Siemens SINUMERIC 840c.

    I have asked Gildemeister uk for help but they have told me that nobody in the uk has any knowledge on this machine!

    Can anyone suggest anybody, or anywhere i can get a good manual or even just how to reference turrets?

    Thanks in advance.

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    "I have asked Gildemeister uk for help but they have told me that nobody in the uk has any knowledge on this machine!"

    That is their stock answer to everything.They have no inclination to help anyone who doesn`t buy a new machine from them.
    I recently asked them about a Gildy that was on a large chemical site in NE England.They told me they didn`t know anything about it and that the machine was in Italy.
    An outside chance might be Siemens Automation and Drives in Manchester.They have a free help desk and if you happen to get a keen tech on the phone he may be able to dig up some info for you.Sorry I don`t have the number here but it should be easy to find.

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    Hi guys I have exactly the same problem ( tool holder 1 (2) position unknown)
    have you solved it yet.I have all the manuals but it dose not explain how to ref the turret

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    Re: Help with Gildemeister/siemens

    hi i have the same problem with turret in lathe dmg twin sinumerik 840c
    error tool holder position unknown and clamp position not defined
    do you ripear this PLEASE HELP
    do you have procedure

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    Re: Help with Gildemeister/siemens

    Hi Guys,

    let's see if I can help.

    All I can tell you is how we reference our turret on our CTX310 lathe with Sinumerik Guildermeister 840 controller.

    I've also found the Siemens manuals to be rather crap. If my boss had not shown me the way around the controller, I'd have had a hard time using only the Siemens books.

    Anyway, referencing turret:

    1). Go to TSM window.
    2). Press the Turret button (panel button, NOT a soft screen button).
    3). A new window should pop up.
    4). On this window you should see a Reference Turret (i.e. on the screen itself, a "soft" button). Press the "real" physical button next to it.
    5). Turret should start referencing, and a message will be displayed at the top of the screen, indicating the turret is in the process of referencing. Wait for this message to disappear then hopefully your turret is referenced.

    I've attached images showing the TSM screen, Turret button, and screen Reference Turret button.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	TSM WINDOW.jpg 
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Size:	61.5 KB 
ID:	388996
    TSM window.

    Click image for larger version. 

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Size:	74.1 KB 
ID:	388998
    Turret button.

    Attachment 388994
    Sorry about this Reference Turret button sketch, it's all I have with me, but you should recognise it easy enough on the screen.


    every time I turn on our lathe, I have to press the chuck open pedal until the chuck icon on the screen turns yellow. After that I press reset then it's ready.

    Something else I have to do regularly is calibrate the chuck clamping. Our hydraulic chuck has a short range of movement from open to closed. First thing I do is position the jaws roughly in the middle of their range of motion, then I adjust the bolt on jaw position to suit the part diameter. Unfortunately I don't have a photo of the chuck calibration window but I'll try and explain the procedure to calibrate the chuck:

    1). Go to TSM window.
    2). Press chuck button and the chuck calibration window should pop up.
    3). There should be a "soft" screen button (New File I think) showing a yellow folder - press it.
    4). Open chuck jaws FULLY - press the TEACH IN UNCLAMPED soft button on the screen.
    5). Close the chuck jaws FULLY with NO PART in the chuck - press the TEACH IN WITHOUT PART soft button on the screen.
    6). Open the jaws and put your part in then close the jaws on the part - press the TEACH IN WITH PART soft button on the screen.
    7). Press the CLEAR button on the panel (the real button with 2 slanting parallel lines).
    8). Press the SAVE soft button on the screen.
    9). Now press the chuck close foot pedal, and on the screen you should see the ACTUAL VALUE number turn green.
    10). Go back to the TSM window and your chuck icon should now be green (clamped on part).

    Click image for larger version. 

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Size:	76.8 KB 
ID:	389000
    Chuck button.

    Hope that helps,


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    Quote Originally Posted by f1ferrari View Post
    Hi guys I have exactly the same problem ( tool holder 1 (2) position unknown)
    have you solved it yet.I have all the manuals but it dose not explain how to ref the turret
    I have the same problem. Can you help me?

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    Re: Help with Gildemeister/siemens

    I’ve been having a similar issue I wonder if you can help I keep getting this alarm 701505 check shuttle data. I’ve tried all sorts still no joy
    the machine is a CTX gamma 3000 TC

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