VM 25 Miltronics 7 control, Hello, some of the user parameters (0-99) on the machine I run have numbers in them, should I worry about this or use them anyway? there is only one guy that ran this machine from when it was new and he don't ever touch a parameter of any kind, could these numbers be from the factory? also is there a way to look at the tool setting program? I have read all the posts about setting the Z in the work coords and I do this for a lot of jobs I run, it works fine as long as all my work coords Z's are zero before I set them, and yes I have the parameter set to not use work coord for tool setting. thats why I want to see what the tool setting program is doing. I think this program is using the numbers in work coords Z. other controls I have ran with tool setting programs it didn't matter if there was a number in the work coord Z or not. I did see someone on here wrote a macro to get around this, but I would like to stick to the factory program if I can. thanks for any help