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    Wear Offset vs Actual Tool X Position

    Got a question for the experts out there. In PP on the lathe you have adjustments for wear offset in X and Z. My question is when should you adjust wear offset vs updating the tool offset. The reason this came up was that this morning I was checking some parts and doing a quick X calibration due to cold as dog snot shop temp when I realized my manual cut was not matching my programmed cut. My assumption is that wear offset is called up in the program as G41/G42 and that a manual cut does not take this into account. I applied the wear offset to the actual X offset, went back to the wear offset and zeroed it out. Now my manual cut was the same as my programmed cut.

    So, I'm assuming this will fall into the "best practices" to follow.....?


    The Body Armor Dude - Andrew

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    Re: Wear Offset vs Actual Tool X Position

    Hi - This is not my area of expertise, but I want to keep the thread alive.

    First off - lets say it is tool 1 and it has +0.002 wear offset. The code should call for T0101 - which includes the wear offset.

    So if you set up via MDI T1 or T01 it will not include the wear offset amount. You need to set up with T0101 - when you do that the DRO changes by the offset amount.

    You may know that but just checking and trying to kick the thread along.

    Cheers Cliff

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    Re: Wear Offset vs Actual Tool X Position


    I use wear offsets in the middle of a run if I'm starting to diverge from tolerance, or if I'm tweaking in a thread. If it's during setup, I will update the tool offset.

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