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    Importing Gcode?

    I've got a 5 axis laser and I teach it with the pendant. But, sometimes it would be nice to see the paths visually and be able to edit them. As such, I wonder if MadCAM can also import gcode from external sources and be able to edit it and output the new gcode. I have Rhino 6 so I'd be interested in this feature from within the MadCAM version for Rhino. Additionally, would MadCAM be a good choice for doing 5 axis paths that program the cut head "normal" to the surface. I would want to be able to edit the head angles manually if needed but normally (I suppose that's an unintentional pun too) I'd want the head perpendicular to the surface it is cutting (lasers cut better that way for some reason).

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    Re: Importing Gcode?

    No it can't. But what you can do is to use the point cloud and import into Rhino. Then you will have surfaces to work with.

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