Hello everyone. I am putting this out there for discussion in the hopes that I can get my machine running again in the quickest and most cost effective manner possible. In 2013, I purchased a new OKUMA LB-3000EXII and on May 2nd, the machine went down. The OKUMA techs told me is that it is most likely spindle bearing failure, which is a bit concerning given that the spindle only has 3000 hours on it and the machine has only been bumped a couple of times (once when I ran the turret into the tail stock - previous thread - and another when a tool caught a chuck jaw. The OKUMA tech stated that he disconnected everything mechanical that they could and the spindle is still ceased, so they are almost certain it is the bearings and I have no reason to doubt them. The OKUMA techs also stated that there is a special tool or fixture that they use to help pull the spindle from the PREX motor. Unfortunately for me, there is only one tool in the US and it is in North Carolina. So what I am faced with is removing this spindle and then having all the bearings replaced. The machine has already been down for over a week. This tool is a week away with shipping. Do any of you have any experience and advice regarding the best way to proceed with this repair? Is this special tool/fixture absolutely necessary? Is this kind of work best left to the pros? Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.