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    Surface finish when 3d machining

    Hello all,
    I am working on a project that involves 3d cutting a channel 17mm wide, 7mm deep with 3mm rads in each corners with the same size rads at the top of he channel. The channel will be a square with r200 corner sections. the material is a soft a relatively soft plastic that usually gives a good surface finish. i have spent the last week trying to cut this profile but i keep getting score marks in the finished parts. I have been using a 6mm ball nose cutter with spindle spped of around 19000rpm, feed rate of around 14000mm per min. i ended up cutting it out of mdf in the end and finishing it by hand with sand paper, ideally i want to make it out of plastic but i need to improve the finish. any advise would be helpful. The passes in 3d cutting were .25mm and set with optimized cutting.
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