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IndustryArena Forum > General Manufacturing Processes > Milling > Millers are facing what kind of problems while milling?
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    Millers are facing what kind of problems while milling?

    There are many problems millers are facing, They dont know or they dont want to know. This thread is just to understand what millers are facing problems while milling.

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    There are several milling problems that we face and below are the problems and their solution.

    Too Large cutting amount (We can adjust to the smaller cutting amount per teeth)
    Too long flute length or long overall length (Hold shank deeper, use shorter end mill)
    Too much wear (Regrind at an earlier stage)
    Workpiece rigidity (Ensure workpiece is secure and supported )

    and some other problems that we face and can solve it if we know how to deal with those problems. You also need to study on different machining methods to enhance your skills.

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