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    Biesse CNC Hard Drive Failure

    Hello everyone, I recently managed to erase my hard disk drive controlling my CNC router. I was trying to clone the drive to an SSD and in the process managed to delete the entire drive. My machine is a Biesse Skill 1224 GFT and I am running BiesseWorks. I do have partial backups and recovered a good chunk of whats on it using a recovery program called Recuva. However the recovered files don't make any sense to me as they are in no particular order and basically random, (this would include the operating system). What are my options here? How do I go about fixing this? Do I just put Windows on a drive and download BiesseWorks again, if so, what then? How expensive would it be for a Biesse tech to fix this? Should I be considering upgrading to AlphaCam? Thanks for any help.

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    Re: Biesse CNC Hard Drive Failure

    This is old thread, but maybe somebody could have similar problem in future. In such case is ok to install the operating system as first (look for DVD System Restore), then control software (look for CD Diseaster Recovery) and the last is Biesse works. If you have some backup from folder d_xnc or at least folder dati, you have chance to restore the configuration. Those mentioned CD/DVDs are usualy part of machine documentation.

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