I am working with a team in the amchineshop so am not directly running the machine but have used mazaks for the previous 5 years. I am a miller and am currently doing aome turning work, the job i am programmig requires a 90 Degree tool holder to be used or an Angle head as iv heard it called. The machine is an Intergrex 1060 i believe and is a verticle Lathe. The issue we are having is that the team dont know how to programme in a milling tool in the Angled holder, they are saying that the machine does not know that it will be milling Horizonatlly using the Verticle spindle. This is my first experience like this and have not been able to find much online. the questions i have are:
-How is the tool input into the tool file?
-How do you meaure the tool in, is it like a regualr tool using the tool eye?
-Once the tool is in the tool file can you just programe the unit or do you need to apply a G code such as a G18 for it to work?

The job is a Ring shape that has three internal slots, the outside of the job and the ID are turned but the machines head can not rotate and fit into the gap so a special Angled tool holder was purchased. Identical to this: https://www.google.com/search?q=Rad+...=1562326268445