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    Remember loaded tool in ATC at startup / shutdown


    I'm running a CNC mill with a rotary ATC with PlanetCNC TNG. Technically tool change works fine, but I'm struggling a bit to establish a reliable workflow for everyday usage. PlanetCNC doesn't remember the currently loaded tool when I switch off the machine and turn it on again next day. So when I turn on PlanetCNC I have at first to "select" the tool that is already loaded, which I find quite prone to human error.

    My idea was therefore to unload the tool always before I turn off the machine, but actually I couldn't yet find a function for unloading a tool. I could probably add some kind of "empty tool" to the tool table, but this will probably result in unnecessary movements of the ATC.

    Maybe I'm just blind and there is some easy solution already? Or a way to make PlanetCNC remember the loaded tool after shutdown?


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    Re: Remember loaded tool in ATC at startup / shutdown


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    Re: Remember loaded tool in ATC at startup / shutdown

    You can unload tool using T0M6 command or, if you are not using ATC simply use M61Q0. Make sure your ATC script understands that T0 is "special".

    In TNG it is possible to have persistent parameters. Open file "Parameters.txt" located in profile folder. There are some parameters already there. Then add your custom parameter, for example "_mytool 0". Note that name starts with underscore because you want this parameter to be global. There is single space between name and value.

    Now you can use this parameter in home script. Somewhere near beginning you can add:
    o<tool> if [#<_current_tool> EQ 0]
    M61 Q#<
    o<tool> endif
    And perhaps also add a message informing user that M61 selected different tool.
    Homing script now loads last stored tool.

    In M6 script, after M6 gcode add line:
    #<_mytool> = #<_current_tool>
    This way custom parameter has correct value. And because it is listed in "Parametes.txt" file its value will persist.

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    Re: Remember loaded tool in ATC at startup / shutdown

    In TNG v2 this is done without any script modifications. Just add "_current_tool" parameter to "Parameters.txt" file and last tool will be remembered.

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