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    Plasma CNC cutting problem

    Plasma Unit: Thermal Dynamics A120
    Controller: FangLing 2500A
    THC: Chinese PTHC-II

    I recently got a CNC Plasma cutter and I've been trying to make it work ever since.

    Problem: When I start cutting, torch makes all initial steps OK and starts cutting, everything appears to go smoothly but at some point during the cutting path, torch suddenly stops and lifts up and does not finish the part. This happens every time I try to cut a part.

    I've checked wiring, THC configuration, and I've messed with controller configuration parameters to no avail.

    Does anyone have an idea what could be causing this problem?

    Thanks in advance..

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    Re: Plasma CNC cutting problem

    I'm guessing its really related to a crappy controller/build. I am guessing that something happens to make the machine pause and then it raises the torch. The plasma cutter you have is a good one. I have the same one.
    The first thing I would look at is noise. Find the Hypertherm grounding document, add a star ground point and run seperate earth cables back to it from every motor frame and make sure wires bridge over any linear rails. Then add an EMI filter to the control box. If that does not work, I would suggest you consider upgrading to Linuxcnc Plasmac configuration, but get the grounding right first.
    Rod Webster

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    Re: Plasma CNC cutting problem

    Thanks, I'll try that. And I will post results once I do it.

    Best Regards,

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