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Thread: Vmc 15xt

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    Apr 2012

    Vmc 15xt

    Hey, wrote a few times always helped me, thanks.

    Just asking - I have a fadal VMC15xt, but I have axes (travel) like regular VMC15.

    What is the thing?

    It wasn't a problem until now, but now I have some big molding tool and it woul be really great if the problem is in some limit switches or parametre setting.

    Anyways, thanks for reading this.

    If someone has the answer - thanks.

    Best regards, Ginner

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    Re: Vmc 15xt

    Check your parameters. Type "SETP" and scroll through the options on travel

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    Re: Vmc 15xt

    Set to #13 on first page of the "SETP"

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    Quote Originally Posted by rodney247 View Post
    Set to #13 on first page of the "SETP"
    Thanks a lot!!!

    Did as you wrote, and got that extra few inches that I need.

    Thrilled and can't wait to start working with "bigger" machine.

    I haven't figured out why would previous owner "downgrade" the machine, everybody needs bigger travel.

    Thanks again, Rodney.

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