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    Anyone has any experience with Robotec 1325 machine (+ 4th axis)

    Hello everyone.

    I started using a CNC router, now about 6 years ago, a buddy of mine made one with a working area of 600x900mm, he used 5 Wantai NEMA 34 steppers, drivers and power source, and a water cooled 2.2kw spindle. In the last 4 years at least, the machine is running more than 8 hours / day, usually milling policarbonate sheets and textolit (fiberglass/PCB 6mm thick). I'm VERY HAPPY with this router, never had to change a bearing on the spindle or steppers. Now few days ago I mounted an ATC spindle, hope this one will last at least as the old one (which still works)

    Now 2 years ago we purchased a Tormach PCNC 1100 for milling steel parts with it. Love it too

    And now we need a bigger machine for milling textolit / fiberglass parts, I just started asking for offers for the parts needed to build a larger CNC router (working area 2200x1200mm) The the cost of main components: TBI ballscrews, HIWIN linear guides, the same 5pcs WANTAI motors / drivers / power sources is already 1700 Euro..

    In the same time I googled for ready made machines and there is one that it seems to me to be quite sturdy ROBOTEC 1325 - and the price only $5500, they state to use the same HIWIN linear guides, what I don't really like is the rack pinion used for XY axis, I don't know if that system has the same accuracy as ballscrews.

    I want to know if anyone ever used this router, does it has accuracy problems? Please share any experience with this router

    I copied the specs from one of the sellers.

    Also what seemed weird, is that they offer Free shipping, some of them via TNT. I asked them today to confirm a few things, and also if shipping is really free.

    Model  RTM-1325C 
    Working area (X*Y*Z)  1300*2500*300mm 
    Table  water table
    Body structure Thicken steel made 
    X, Y Structure Rack and pinion rails / Taiwan 25 size hiwin square rails
    Z Structure  Taiwan TBI ball screw
    X, Y Resolution   <0.01mm
    Max Moving Speed   60000mm/min
    Max Engraving Speed   30000mm/min
    X,Y,Z traveling positioning accuracy     ±0.01mm
    X,Y,Z repositioning accuracy  ±0.01mm
    Spindle power  3.0kw water cooling spindle
    Spindle Speed        0-24,000rpm   
    Voltage  380v/3phase or as customer needed
    Drive type Big stepper motors and drivers
    Working  Dictate     G Code
    Operating system   DSP control system(Option Mach3 or Ncstudio)
    Tool sensor  Yes 
    Auto oil lubricator   Yes,included
    Wire protect  Yes,included
    Running Environment   Temperature: 0?~45?
    package   Export wooden box
    After packed size    3300*2200*1900mm
    G.W   1800kgs
    PS. I have very good experience with some ebay sellers, never used Aliexpress yet, but for example, I purchased an ATC spindle/inverter in december 2017 from vipwindows_168 user on ebay, now a week ago I opened the box to mount it on my cnc and noticed the spindle is heating quite high (can't keep my hand for more than 2 seconds on it) in less than a minute of free spinning. I contacted Helen Cai on skype, she responded next morning, and we chat until it fixed my problem (the inverter was set on 400Hz, the motor was 800Hz, I changed a settign and its working as expected). She never suggested that my purchase was almost 2 years ago, or that the inverter/spindle is out of waranty .. she helped me right away.

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    Re: Anyone has any experience with Robotec 1325 machine (+ 4th axis)

    Hi, friend,
    Where are you from?

    UnionTech Machinery

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    Re: Anyone has any experience with Robotec 1325 machine (+ 4th axis)

    Quote Originally Posted by UnionTech View Post
    Hi, friend,
    Where are you from?

    In the mean time I talked with a Robotec sales guy to ask more details, what I didn't like was :

    1. Aluminium profiles on the chinese roter seem to be very thin, is there ANYONE THAT PURCHASED AN 1325 machine with those thin aluminium profile, is the table straight enough? What difference in Z axis are along the router Y axis, if I try to engrave something at -0.3mm will it engrave all the way ?

    The sales guy told me he can mount different profiles, double in thickness.

    I attached a picture to compare chinese default profiles to the profiles I have on my router table.

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    Re: Anyone has any experience with Robotec 1325 machine (+ 4th axis)

    Hi, friend,
    Here I am the sales manager of other company. We have some options for you. If you have any interests, feel free to e-mail me.

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    Re: Anyone has any experience with Robotec 1325 machine (+ 4th axis)

    I also have some doubts regarding RACK and PINION system, does it have any backlash problems? will the backlash of rack&pinion affect the milled parts size?

    I want to ask the manufacturer to mill me a pvc part with that 1325 router, and than ship it to me (I will pay for milling time, material and shipping), I made a drawing and I'm curious for example on the BLUE lines that I asked to be milled on the interior, but only 2mm at a time, so if material will be PVC 10mm thick, to mill it completely there should be 5 passes, I also asked to not make an finish pass, as I'm expecting to see some lines in depth every 2mm , but if those lines will be very small, than backlash won't be a problem.

    Regarding squaring of the router, I asked the producer if it has 2 limit switches on the Y axis , if this will be an option to fine tune the machine to make perfectly square parts. He said yes.

    Anyone had any problems regarding squaring? if I mill a 1300x1300 square, and measure it's diagonals, will the diagonals length be the same ? Can I adjust if not? I'm asking to hear the onion of other users that already purchased this machine.

    Thank you.

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    HI THERE! I purchased a 1325 router ROBOTEC JINAN CNC machine from this company and it is a nightmare come true. The service is the worst I have ever experienced with a chinese company. In truth, this is the only bad experience I have had with a chinese company. They prepared the machine badly for shipping and the lathe was damaged. The command module was bent and also the company did not send any manuals whatsoever. When I have asked for them they ignore you and there has been no reply. As for the shipping I paid for the machine CIF and they told me this included all shipping costs. When the shipper notified the arrival of the machine they charged me an equivalent of the total shipping I had already paid. The invoice stated charges at point of origin. When I contacted Robotec they said that meant charges at point of arrival lol. Don't buy from this company unless you want to be left in the lurch. They offer one year guarantee but fat chance on that one! You write and they ignore you. BE CAREFUL WITH THIS COMPANY! Find a more trustworthy source and get as much info on the company as you can before you send your money!
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