PT510/PT710/PT712 is designed with flexibility in mind and you can use this model for any CNC project in the foundry industry. We use stronger parts for the whole machine to ensure you can get higher accuracy and speed but at an affordable price. We also offer some options for these machines, different power of spindles, motors and special size as request.

Solid wood, styrofoam, wax, plaster of paris, Aluminum and Foam patterns are well suited for high-speed milling, 3-axis CNC machines are particularly suitable for automotive foam mold, volve body industries wooden ship model, wooden model aviation, trains, and other wooden molds. This size allows us to minimize setup times and cut patterns larger than the industry norm.

High precision and reliability over time
Heavy-duty welded steel structure guarantees solidity and absence of vibration, for consistent product quality over time
The installation of linear rail for XY-axis with a metal block is designed to increase precision and reliability standards for the execution of machining operations.
High processing flexibility
Wide range of table sizes available covers all the standard panels size in the nesting industry and customers can choose the most suitable machine for their needs
Maximum productivity, minimum footprint

Technical Data PT510/PT710/PT712
Working Area(X-Y) 1500X3000mm, 1500X4000mm, 2000X3000mm, 2000X4000mm
Working Area(Z-axis) Height: 400/600/900
Travelling Speed 30m/min-x-y-axis, 15m/min z-axis
Spindle Speed 6000-12000rpm(milling spindle)/3000-24000rpm(HSD Spindle)
Power Input 380V, 3PH, 50/60HZ
Spindle 9.0-18.0KW HSD/7.0KW Milling Spindle Motor
Tool Holder HSK 63F/BT 40
Magazine Number 8-16
Driving System Absolute Servo with high precision Planetary Reducer
Transmission X, Y &Z Helical WMH herion, Germany, Linear Rails PMI
Command Code G Code
File Transfer Mode TCP/IP or USB
VFD Delta
Electronics Siemens/Phoenix Germany
Cables Igus-Germany
Lubrication Auto Lubrication
Table T-Slot Solid Aluminum Table
Outer Dimensions 4570X3400X3752mm
Weight 7.5 tons
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