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Ahh If you take a close look at my picture out of the official publication not a "snip" from who knows where, you will note the top row has Logic inputs and the bottom row has Analog inputs…. once again, your wrong and I will let the folks here read what I have published, and the real electricians are getting a kick out of watching you stumble :wave: around so there is no longer any need for me to post on this Thread. Good Bye.
It's very strange that when I show you snips showing you a reason for the naming of the terminals, anyone can call them what ever they like the snip is from your Hitachi Manual

If you take a good look at the snip I posted it is the same as what you posted but clear for everyone to see

So here is what some of the manufactures call these connections

Control Terminals ( more often )

Logic Terminals

Low Voltage Terminals

So you can take your pick and call them what ever you like but saying one or the other is wrong just shows your lack of knowledge