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    Rotary Axis Driving Me Nuts!

    I have an Automated Precision Equipment 200HD that has a rotary axis. I am using Aspire 9.510 and Win.cnc. I have run a "rounding toolpath," and been successful. However, when following the Aspire videos for text wrapping, my machine constantly cuts too deep. With a setting of .125", I'll get a .50" cut. I am z-zeroed on the center of the rotary axis as is suggested, but I've also tried from the cylinder surface, and get the same results! I am new to this aspect of my machine, and have had other issues, but this is stopping me cold!
    Any suggestions?


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    Re: Rotary Axis Driving Me Nuts!

    Are the steps per inch settings correct? If you tell the Z axis to drop an inch, does it do that accurately or does it drop 2 inches?

    What happens if you set the text depth to .0625?
    Andrew Werby

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    Re: Rotary Axis Driving Me Nuts!

    If you haven't already, post this on the Vectric forum. Lots of rotary users there.

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    Re: Rotary Axis Driving Me Nuts!

    Without the gcode and WCS details it is hard for us to investigate what could have gone wrong.

    First advice though... try moving away from 3rd party gadgets or widgets (text wrapping?) and be on the lookout for a proper CAM package capable of postprocessing standard 4ax toolpaths (contours/gcode). Doesn't need to be $20k for 4ax, plenty of inexpensive and very capable CAM packages out there.

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