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    TB6560 and arduino disconnecting

    Good day all.
    I just finished building my cnc mill. Problem is the connection gets lost when I try to connect in universal gcode sender. I have to unplug usb cable and put it back a couple of times before it connects again, but only stay connected for a short while. I have tried it on two different computers with the same result.

    I tested the tb6560 controllers with continuity, and get continuity from ground wire to heatsink on x and y controllers. Do not know if its a problem with the controllers.

    I have arduino uno and 3 tb6560 controllers. Two 12v 15amp power supplys in series, and 3 nema 23 3amp steppers.

    Any help will be appreciated. Thank you

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    Re: TB6560 and arduino disconnecting

    I guess your connection gets lost when you are moving the steppers. This is a common problem when connecting computers to high current devices like stepper controllers and spindle motors.

    There is no common solution but you can try:
    • Connect all equipment to the same power outlet
    • Make sure all equipment has a (thick) earth wire.
    • Make sure all earth wires are connected to a central point (power outlet)
    • Find out if the steppers or the spindle motor is the problem
    • try using an old USB1 cable (USB1 cables are unshielded and do not cause a ground loop)
    • Use a good quality usb cable as short as possible
    • Use shielded cables to connect the motors (steppers/spindle) to the drivers
    • Keep the control signals (step direction enable) as far away as possible from the high current power/stepper cables
    • Keep all cables as short as possible

    It is possible you can't get it working. Solving this kind of problems was part of my job for 19 years. My mini lathe does work on USB but I can't get my small lathe working with USB. Connecting the GRBL controller using WiFi or Bluetooth finally solved my problems.

    UGS supports connecting to IP (Wifi). There are Arduino uno and mega board that have a build-in ESP8266 WiFi chip. It is also possible to add a ESP8266 board and a level converter board (ESP8266 is 3V3, Arduino 5V), but that takes more skills and wiring. I have used Grbl, arduino uno, arduino mega, TB6560, TB6600, WiFi and Bluetooth connection for some years now and it works very reliable.
    You can use the same grbl version. For the ESP8266 you need a sketch. I have made one (ESP8266Station), it is free and a manual is included. GRBL connection WiFi - Metal Worker Tools

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    Re: TB6560 and arduino disconnecting

    One possibility is the USB cable - you might be picking up interference. My Uno barfs when I power up my GRBL based mill. An RFI choke might help. Try routing the USB cable away from the motors, power supply and so on.

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    Re: TB6560 and arduino disconnecting

    Thank you for your message.
    I'm sorry, I am still new to this kind of thing. I've got a t77h505 wifi module from an old printer, is it possible to use this on the arduino. I'm also not sure how connect the wires, and what code should be used. just trying to do things as cheap as possible, as things here in South Africa are quite expensive.

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    Re: TB6560 and arduino disconnecting

    I don't think you can use it.For the hardware you need a wiring diagram. You also need software for this module and that is difficult to make or get.

    How about this board, just as an example https://www.ebay.nl/itm/UNO-R3-WiFi-...53.m2749.l2649

    Or a separate ESP8266 and level converter https://www.ebay.nl/itm/ESP-01S-ESP8...YAAOSwHMJYIHFW
    and a programmer https://www.ebay.nl/itm/ESP8266-ESP-...IAAOSw7z1Z7u-q

    It is worth to try (if you can) all proposed solutions. Even if it doesn't help, it will make your setup more reliable.

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