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IndustryArena Forum > Computer Technology > Desktops / Laptops > Suggestions for Inexpensive Computers for Fusion, Mach 3?
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    Suggestions for Inexpensive Computers for Fusion, Mach 3?

    I’m looking for a few inexpensive computers that will run Fusion 360 and Mach 3
    I have Mach 3

    Garage sale or surplus shop machines?
    Minimum config for Mach 3?
    Minimum config for Fusion?


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    Re: Suggestions for Inexpensive Computers for Fusion, Mach 3?

    Almost any would cope.I used to manage quite adequately with a 450MHz Pentium 2 for 5 axis surfacing.For my current hobby machine I bought a 2.7GHz Dell off ebay and it runs Freecad and LinuxCNC with ease.Since I don't use Mach3 or Fusion or Windows I don't really know whether the greater overhead that is part of the Windows ecosystem would run as well.You might even find that the latest Raspberry Pi would be up to the task,if a little slower.

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