Hi, I got a SYS-3a second hand, for a sherline 5400 mill, The x/y axis are working just fine, but the z axis seems to try to move way to fast and causes all the blue lights inside to start flickering. I used the mill presets for the setting so I don't think deskCNC is the problem. I also have ruled out the motor as the problem. The SYS-3a had minor damage in shipment, is there anything anyone thinks I could have missed? Could the person before me made some changes I didn't know about? Also do I have a copy Deskcnc? I would rather use mach3, but can I?

Would not have to ask here but Fred wants me to pay $250 for his software when i have original documentation for the Deskcnc software. So he is asking me to buy this software twice, when I am not asking for software help. The thing is I am contacting him about a hardware issue and if the sys-3a is damaged then, I will be looking a buying a new CNC system.

Also what is the general thoughts on this deskcnc software, its just I don't see a lot of people using it?

Also I will paypal anyone who can fix this issue $30 Paypal, phone me/text at 2158722957.

Also anyone want a 2 axis unit with 3 motors, Make offers.