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    Acramatic TPC-2100 Controller

    Hello Fellow Users,
    We need help with the Acramatic TPC-2100 Controller. We are running into a little dead end and need some expert guidance.

    Machine backgorund.
    VMC three axis with Acramatic controller manufactured by Tree Inc. 1260E. This machine was down for 1 year and it was in perfect operating condition before outage. After one year we tried to powerup and facing follwoing issues.

    Problems we are facing, Sequence of issues Please find attached pictures of the same
    1. NC Engine Base failed
    2. Application Error: Application Startup Timeout: EXE name is CNC EXE
    3. Then we see RT light red on Bridge board and we also found red light led on WS Board as well.
    4. System Diagnostics page
    Bridge Board RT Unknown
    Conv Servo Unknown
    High Density I/O Unknown
    Peedent/panel (MSL) Unknown
    Realtime Processor Unknown
    Bridge Board (WS) Passed
    Workstation Processor Passed

    After reading the forum things we did to correct the issues and had no luck.
    1. Dismantle the controller and put it back together like befor, No sucess
    2. Tested voltage in RT board and WS Board Battery power, Batteries are fine and tested for 3V and we didn't remove the bateries
    3. We have the hardrive and know how to take the backup data, have the instruction from cincinnati, let me know if someone needs them.
    4. We cross verified the CMOS setup perimiters they all look good

    So please suggest us what is the next step we should take, I have on my list to cross verify RT Board settings. I am still looking for the setting and instructions to do the same RT board part number. 3-424-2168A02. We highly appreciate the help and looking forward to read some great guidance.

    Kind Regards,
    Jeet Singh

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    Re: Acramatic TPC-2100 Controller

    Any help will be extremely appreciated. What we did so far, procured following items to check / reload the RT CMOS:

    AT Power Supply
    AT style keyboard
    CRT / LCD Monitor

    Not having luck with Generic ISA VGA Video Card, any recommendation.
    Also help us with any instruction one may can provide.

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    Based on your description, RT bios seems most likely since it occurred after sitting idle for a while. A battery at 3v should have been able to maintain this, but it happens occasionally. I have found some cases where the battery holder does not securely keep the battery in place so will cause issues.

    I reflash these boards for shops all the time so if you are interested in sending it to me, send me a PM and I'll get you the details.

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