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    UCCNC issue - Y axe shifting and reset zero during job -

    Hi everyone,

    i’m actually working on a stepcraft 600 (HF spindle), UCCNC (USB) and fusion 360 for modeling and postprocess.

    I'm working on CNC machine since less than 2 months..

    I’ve made a tool path to perform saw cuts in brass, and the Y axe shifts during the job….

    I send you pictures here attached to illustrate.

    4 cuts are programmed, with same parameters, direction… at different places of the brass plaque.

    The 2 first cuts are perfectly performed, but the 2 last ones shift : the spindle starts to feed in the middle of a pass.
    As seen on last pic, the shift occurs after 2 good passes of the third cut, and totally messes up the last cut.

    I’ve tried to split this job in two nc files : One job with 2 first passes, and after ending it, one other with the only last two passes (with same WCS, same everything)..), and the shift also occurs at the same exact point of the X axes …

    As if those coordinates of the machine would always shift the tool path..

    lowering the feed during the job, as recommended in the link doesn’t change anything.

    I really need this operation to work, as i have some clients waiting for deliveries.

    Thank you for help in advance

    and please dont pay attention to the engraved letters on pics, they'll be remodeled ......
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails first 2 cuts - perfectly machined .jpg   last two cuts - shifted  on Y axe .jpg  

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    Re: UCCNC issue - Y axe shifting and reset zero during job -

    I can only bet:

    - Code is wrong.
    - If the axis stalls at that certain point only, check if the linears or bearings or whatever supports that machine if it has any problems there.
    - Also check the leadscrew or belt or whatever drives that machine.

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