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    Need advice on my website for ball screw repair

    I own a ball screw repair shop. Been doing it for 30+ years. Lately sites have been getting more "fancy" and I am having a hard time keeping up with trends. In the good old days you'd place an ad in the Yellow Pages and pray. Now? It's google ranking, PPC and etc. I was hoping I could get some kind folks to give me honest feedback on three sites that I will link below. I need feedback from my demographic, not some web designer or analytics guy who tells me about trends and branding (because I have three domains that tells you I fell for the "branding" pitch and spent a lot of money). I need machinists who get their hands dirty for a living to tell me the honest truth.

    Old school. This site was up in the late 90s before all the search engine modifications.

    How it is now, after I hired a branding expert (lol) and a new designer
    Ball Screw Repair with 36 Month Warranty - U.S. Nationwide Coverage

    How it looks after I hired a new set of guys

    Please tell me the good & bad of each one. Which one would you send your ball screw repair out to? Once I get feedback, I will trash the other two and go with one solid one. I will pray and hopefully the SEO guys aren't full of it.

    I appreciate your time.

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    Re: Need advice on my website for ball screw repair

    Hi there RossCNC.

    Had a quick look at the three sites as listed in order. Just a few comments in site order.

    Site 1: https://web.archive.org/web/20060503....biz/index.htm

    This is early site design and for today's shopper is very crowded and hard to read and there find information about what I might be looking for. Although the information is there it is necessary to read all to find what's important.

    Site 2: https://ballscrewrepair.biz/ball-screw-repair/

    The basic layout looks a lot neater and a bit easier to navigate. The content for descriptions is again somewhat crowded and a bit difficult to read. Consider a user with a smaller screen (tablet, laptop of mobile phone). This becomes somewhat annoying to sift through the "fluff" to identify concise and relevant "need to know" information. It is not immediately apparent one has selected a new page/details with the almost exact same page in your face and only a "title" change (on the left side of page). Scrolling reveals information has changed. The rather large "contact us" pane" in your face at all times is a pain and on all pages detracts from your company's services and abilities.

    The front page upper layout is nice with the easy to see/select subject choices.

    Site 3: https://www.rosscnc.com/

    This site does not have SSL enabled yet (by the by...).
    This layout is somewhat easier to navigate and a lot simpler and more appealing. The scrolling/slideshow photographs are way too big and have to be scrolled past to see what you do.

    The hover/drop down menu choices are a lot more "modern" and make it easier to find "stuff".

    The drop-down "home title bar" that appears when a scroll is started takes up a lot of screen real estate, preventing view of details. Either leave it there permanently (and smaller) or get rid of it.

    For web sites, there are a few things to note:

    1. Keep it simple, just the important facts highly visible with prominent links available to select more detailed or additional information if a user chooses
    2. No data or additional information should be more than three clicks away
    3. Best to avoid scrolling as much as possible for title/intro pages - leave this to the detailed information pages someone actually want to see

    A combination of site 2 and 3 might be a good mix. Keep it simple, the biggest mistake web site "designers" have made over the years is to make pages too "busy" and "complex" with the thinking that more features and what-not is good for a Customers needs. It is not.

    Lots of and large images slow page loading down. Scrolling/slide-show images are distracting when trying to focus/concentrate on page content (for me anyway).

    Prolly not what you are asking for exactly but...

    FWIW :-)


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    Re: Need advice on my website for ball screw repair

    Did you work on your website?

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