New TNGv2 version available.

Here is link to our download page:


Added: G43 and G44 tool offset g-code - added support for G0 and G1 on same line.
Fixed: Bug with autoremoved subroutine.
Fixed: Zoom to part when no program is loaded.
Fixed: Windows installation now asks for target folder
Fixed: Instalation files for Linux and MacOS
Added: Expression functions 'startfn' and 'startcode'
Added: Python 'result' object
Mod: InfoPosition API is faster
Added: 'tooltip=' custom button attribute
Fixed: 'Inc' and 'Dec' g-code functions
Added: 'Def' function
Added: Clickig 'Cancel' on g-code dialog will trigger 'OnStop' script
Added: Expression operators '&&', '||' and '!'
Added: Automaticaly generate 'Script', 'UserCmd' and 'UserGen' folders
Added: Support for ExtIn and ExtOut boards
Added: New options for '(arrchr)' g-code comment
Mod: M64 now supports data reading (R and D words, M64ex7.txt sample file)

Note: Mill Cycles are partialy completed (pecking is still not implemented)
Note: G12, G13 are partialy completed